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If you are visiting the German kitchen store showroom. We are not able to produce quotes on the spot, nor are you able to purchase the kitchen in store. Customers are more than welcome to view the kitchens and we can give advise where needed. All purchases are made via a payment link or via the website shop.

Delivery options are available for orders over £3,000.  If your order is under £3,000 we offer free collection from our Hertfordshire depot.


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kitchen design planning

What is the best kitchen layout?

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Very few offer a standard square or rectangular floor plan. When it comes to planning your kitchen, there are a number of options you can choose from to make the most of your space. Let’s take a look at the four most popular layouts. The U-Shaped Kitchen A […]

what to include in your kitchen

What should you include in your kitchen?

Today’s kitchens contain so much more than the traditional set-up of cabinets, worktops, and appliances. You can now choose to include islands, larders, smart appliances, and innovative storage features. Multifunctional kitchen islands You may think you need a large kitchen to incorporate an island, but it’s all about placement and scale. A kitchen island can […]

Extended Height Cabinets

Take it to the top – Extended Height Cabinets

By extending the height of your cabinets, you increase storage space and sensationally transform the look of your kitchen. That’s why all our units have extended heights for 2022 – allowing you to make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen. Why go high? Ceiling-height kitchen designs make any room look higher and […]

Kitchen Trends 2022

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2022

In 2022, the emphasis in kitchen design is on cleanliness, practicality and organisation. After the last couple of years, we’ve all been made more conscious of the need to stop germs from spreading. We’ve also had to face upheaval and react to sudden change. This has resulted in a desire for organisation in our lives, […]

New kitchen for christmas

Is a new kitchen on your Christmas list?

If all you want from Santa is a brand new kitchen, then now’s the time to make it happen. Our kitchen design service will ensure you can look forward to a happy new year with a sparkly new kitchen. Online kitchen design service We know that designing a kitchen can be a hassle. That’s why […]

High gloss kitchen by Nobilia

Is a high gloss kitchen right for you?

Whether you prefer a matt or gloss finish is down to personal taste. High gloss kitchens look visually stunning, and this finish is perfect if you love a contemporary minimalist look. If you’re keen on gloss, don’t be put off by thinking it’s going to be a high maintenance option. There’s not actually much difference […]

German kitchens are quality kitchens

What makes German Kitchens such a great investment?

German Kitchens are known for their high levels of craftmanship. They’re a solid investment because they’re built to last. At German Kitchen Store, we work with a leading German kitchen brand to bring you high-quality kitchens at the best possible prices. The reputation of German kitchens German kitchen brands have been a dominant market force […]

Remodelling your kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen makes sense

The great thing about remodelling your kitchen is that it gives you the chance to start from scratch. You can remove all those elements that have been annoying you for years and create the kitchen you really want. Can you make additional space? If you really want to transform your kitchen, it’s worth assessing if […]

Kitchen Design Tips

How to customise your kitchen workspace

The most important aspect of any kitchen design is whether it’s appropriate for your lifestyle. One size does not fit all as every household has different priorities. Your kitchen layout should be customised so that each element works in harmony with your daily activities. The crucial kitchen triangle The journey between sink, stove and refrigerator […]

Waste Separation System

Do your bit for the environment – Kitchen Waste Separation

Do your bit for the environment and invest in a waste separation system for your kitchen. The kitchen generates more rubbish than any other area of the house – and the majority of this waste can be recycled. But the problem is how to divide up items into separate recycling zones. Nobilia waste separation systems […]

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