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If you are visiting the German kitchen store showroom. We are not able to produce quotes on the spot, nor are you able to purchase the kitchen in store. Customers are more than welcome to view the kitchens and we can give advise where needed. All purchases are made via a payment link or via the website shop.


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Kitchen task lighting

How task lighting can transform your kitchen

If you’re constantly working in shadows, task lighting can transform your kitchen and make cooking more pleasurable. A few well-placed lights will improve the functionality of the room, and here are some suggestions of which areas you should highlight. Illuminate your worktops Under-cabinet lighting is one of the most common types of task lighting as […]

Remodelling your kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen makes sense

The great thing about remodelling your kitchen is that it gives you the chance to start from scratch. You can remove all those elements that have been annoying you for years and create the kitchen you really want. Can you make additional space? If you really want to transform your kitchen, it’s worth assessing if […]

Kitchen Design Tips

How to customise your kitchen workspace

The most important aspect of any kitchen design is whether it’s appropriate for your lifestyle. One size does not fit all as every household has different priorities. Your kitchen layout should be customised so that each element works in harmony with your daily activities. The crucial kitchen triangle The journey between sink, stove and refrigerator […]

Waste Separation System

Do your bit for the environment – Kitchen Waste Separation

Do your bit for the environment and invest in a waste separation system for your kitchen. The kitchen generates more rubbish than any other area of the house – and the majority of this waste can be recycled. But the problem is how to divide up items into separate recycling zones. Nobilia waste separation systems […]

XL nobilia kitchen range

Go XL – Taller Units, More Storage Space!

Need more space? Then it’s time to go extra-large. Why have standard cabinets and let all that room go to waste, when you can go bigger? Create a perfect synthesis between ergonomics and storage needs If you long for more space, but are reluctant to compromise on style, taller cabinets are the answer. Ceiling height […]

Make kitchen heart of the home

How to make your kitchen the heart of your home

When it’s gloomy outside, you want your kitchen to be warm, snug and welcoming. Here are a few ideas to help you turn your kitchen into the heart of your home. Warm and cosy kitchens Have you ever thought of installing a fireplace in your kitchen or rejuvenating an old one? A modern fireplace can […]

colour accents nobilia kitchen

Choose the right colour accent for your kitchen

While deciding on the right style and finish of your kitchen cabinets and countertops may be your priority, you can also have fun with choosing colour accents. The colour accents you use in your décor will bring even more of your personality into your kitchen design. Harmonise your shades The shade of cabinets, countertops, splashbacks […]

Fitting a new kitchen

Make your new kitchen your summer DIY project

If you are one of those people who likes to keep busy, and you enjoy DIY, then you will likely be itching to get your teeth into a new project. Fitting a new kitchen yourself is a rewarding experience, but not only that, it can save you money and gives you more control over your […]

Online Kitchen Planner

Kitchen Planning Made Easy with the Online Kitchen Planner

At German Kitchen Store, we want to help make the planning and purchase of your dream kitchen as easy and stress-free as is possible. Whether you are looking to give your existing kitchen a low-budget makeover by just replacing the units, doors and counter tops, or you are looking to completely transform it into a […]

Matt Kitchen Design

Designing the perfect matt kitchen

Matt is a subtle and understated finish that’s ideal for a kitchen because it’s both practical and homely. It’s highly durable and resistant to smudges, stains and fingerprints, making it a popular option for kitchen cabinets, walls and floors. And the beauty of matt is that it can be used in any style of kitchen […]

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