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If you are visiting the German kitchen store showroom. We are not able to produce quotes on the spot, nor are you able to purchase the kitchen in store. Customers are more than welcome to view the kitchens and we can give advise where needed. All purchases are made via a payment link or via the website shop.


FREE Integrated Dishwasher with orders over £4000 + FREE Box of Brownies with all orders.



Delivery options are available for orders over £3,000.  If your order is under £3,000 we offer free collection from our Hertfordshire depot.



Here you will find the latest Blogs from the German Kitchen Store. Plus useful tips along with great design ideas. Feel free to take a look and enhance your kitchen knowledge.

German kitchens are quality kitchens

What makes German Kitchens such a great investment?

German Kitchens are known for their high levels of craftmanship. They’re a solid investment because they’re built to last. At German Kitchen Store, we work with a leading German kitchen brand to bring you high-quality kitchens at the best possible prices. The reputation of German kitchens German kitchen brands have been a dominant market force […]

Remodelling your kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen makes sense

The great thing about remodelling your kitchen is that it gives you the chance to start from scratch. You can remove all those elements that have been annoying you for years and create the kitchen you really want. Can you make additional space? If you really want to transform your kitchen, it’s worth assessing if […]

Ceiling cooker hood

Choose the right cooker hood for your kitchen

An efficient cooker hood will remove smoke, steam, grease and odours from the air in your kitchen to provide a much fresher environment. Hoods reduce heat and steam coming from your hob, making it more comfortable when you cook. Plus, many have built-in lighting to give extra illumination when you’re standing over the hob. The […]

Kitchen Design Tips

How to customise your kitchen workspace

The most important aspect of any kitchen design is whether it’s appropriate for your lifestyle. One size does not fit all as every household has different priorities. Your kitchen layout should be customised so that each element works in harmony with your daily activities. The crucial kitchen triangle The journey between sink, stove and refrigerator […]

Kitchen installation video series

How to install your Nobilia kitchen

We’ve made fitting your Nobilia kitchen easy with these helpful videos to guide you through every step of installation. 1. How we deliver your kitchen A handy guide on how to unpack your kitchen order and check all the items are complete and undamaged. 2. Placing your first floor cabinet This video provides a guide […]

Textured matt kitchens

Textured matt surfaces are all the rage

If you prefer a subtle and more natural finish than high gloss for your kitchen, then textured matt is the solution. Increasingly popular with stone and concrete designs, textured matt provides a stylish look that can lend itself to homely or more urban settings. The qualities of matt Unlike high gloss surfaces, which show up […]

Neff kitchen appliances

The Latest Built-In Kitchen Appliance Technology

At the German Kitchen Store, we work with leading brand kitchen appliance partners to bring you the latest built-in technology. Not only can we offer the most up to date models on the market, we also often achieve much better prices for you than if you were to buy direct. BLANCO – The latest in […]

Sociable family kitchen

Create a sociable family space in your kitchen

Everyone in your household is likely to pass through the kitchen at least a few times during the day. By creating a sociable space, you can ensure your family spends more time together in relaxed and comfortable surroundings – instead of heading straight out of the door! Open up the room Nowadays, kitchens are more […]

Waste Separation System

Do your bit for the environment – Kitchen Waste Separation

Do your bit for the environment and invest in a waste separation system for your kitchen. The kitchen generates more rubbish than any other area of the house – and the majority of this waste can be recycled. But the problem is how to divide up items into separate recycling zones. Nobilia waste separation systems […]

Kitchen Colour Scheme

Use colour to make your kitchen more personal

Colour is a great way to put your individual stamp on your kitchen design. It could be bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated – whatever you choose, it will make your kitchen design personal to you. A natural green canvas Green represents nature, new growth and harmony. It’s a popular choice for two reasons. […]

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