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Remodelling your kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen makes sense

The great thing about remodelling your kitchen is that it gives you the chance to start from scratch. You can remove all those elements that have been annoying you for years and create the kitchen you really want.

Can you make additional space?

If you really want to transform your kitchen, it’s worth assessing if you can make space by moving your kitchen to another room or adding an extension.

If there’s another room in the house that gets light when you need it, a builder will be able to advise if it’s possible to turn that room into a kitchen. Alternatively, you may be able to add an extension.

Extending out back or side return extensions are popular on terraced and semi-detached houses. The addition of even a small amount of space can be enough for you to change the layout of your kitchen significantly.

Another option is to knock down an internal wall and go open plan. This allows you to create a more social space with a dining area combined. However, you’ll lose a wall that may have held cabinets, so be prepared to lose storage space or find an alternative location for cupboards.

If structural changes aren’t possible, a simple way to make your kitchen more spacious is not to overfill it. Are there items that can be moved to other rooms? Can you make use of outbuildings for washing machines, chest freezers, etc?

Try zoning your kitchen

If you feel your current layout is haphazard, think about zoning your kitchen. If there’s to be a seating/dining area, how can you divide it from the main kitchen?

A kitchen island can act as a partial divider, forming a barrier between food preparation and dining area to bring a new dimension to your space.

Even smaller kitchens can benefit from an island if it’s appropriate in the remodelled layout. For example, you could add a small dining island to the end of a run of worktops with chairs fitting underneath it.

If you have the space, you can have a multifunctional island that has integrated appliances, storage and offers a place for seating.

The next zone is the cooker, sink and fridge/freezer triangle – these are the three essential components of a kitchen. Can you improve the way you move between these facilities?

Fit a pantry cupboard or larder

Storage is another essential kitchen component. Do you currently have enough cupboard space based on the size and needs of your household, or would additional cabinets make life easier for your family?

You might want to consider the latest trend of incorporating a pantry cupboard or larder into your kitchen.

Larders or pantry cupboards are on-trend in kitchens this year. If you’re short of food storage space, they make a great addition to a remodelled kitchen.

A large pantry cupboard can house crockery as well as food; however, most larders are designed to store tins, jars and dried foods such as pasta. Many pantry cupboards are built so that racks can be fitted to the inside of the doors to hold herbs, spices and condiments.

Future proof your kitchen

Remodelling your kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to introduce new technology.

You can include a single point of connectivity to allow you to control lighting, appliances, heating at the touch of a button. Or you can add voice-activated control.

There’s a huge range of high-tech kitchen appliances, from cameras in fridges to programmable ovens, that can be controlled from your smartphone. Remodelling gives you the chance to futureproof your kitchen.

Design the perfect kitchen for your home

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