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Smart kitchen

Make your kitchen a SMART kitchen

Why are SMART kitchens smart? It’s not just because they connect to the internet, but because they’re useful, fun and help you organise your life.

From improving your cooking to keeping the family entertained, smart devices can change the way you live.

Smarten up your cooking

By connecting your oven to the internet, you can start cooking wherever you are. If you need to eat and go, you can preheat your oven before you even get home from work.

And if you’re paranoid about leaving the oven on, it’s not a problem. You can check it’s off remotely from your phone.

On top of all this connectivity, you can also opt for an oven that will change the way you cook. The June Oven combines a convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer – all in one.

The June Oven is an incredibly compact countertop oven with carbon fibre heating elements that enable it to preheat three times faster than other ovens. You can operate it via Alexa or an app.

And if you want to see how your food is doing, you can take a look via the built-in HD camera. But that’s not the only use of the camera – using AI, it can recognise over 50 types of foods and recommend the right cooking program.

If you want something simpler, then the AmazonBasics Microwave is an affordable and easy-to-connect option. As the name suggests, it’s a simple microwave that can link up to a compatible device to allow voice commands.

Fun and functional family fridges

Nowadays, a fridge is not just a place to store food.

Samsung has introduced a range of family Hub fridge/freezers with 21.5-inch screens. The hub can act as smart tv and as a giant tablet filled with apps, turning your fridge into an entertainment provider.

These apps can be used for games, but on a more practical level, you can also have calendars, shopping lists and a family board app to help you stay organised.

Other features include streaming music apps such as Spotify along with built-in recipe apps to help you when cooking. Plus, there are cameras that allow you to view the inside of your fridge from your smartphone. Handy when you’re in the supermarket and wondering what you’ve run out of.

Connect all those small appliances

As well as the major appliances such as ovens and fridges, smaller kitchen appliances have also become smarter.

Revolution has introduced the first-ever touch-screen toaster. It has cooking sensors for perfectly toasted muffins, waffles, pastries and, of course, bread.

There are now a whole host of coffee makers that talk to Alexa or your Echo device. When you want a fresh cup of coffee, you just have to issue the command.

And the iKettle is probably the smartest kettle on the market. You can set it to boil from wherever you are. You can automate it to come on at the same time in the morning. Or you can control it with your voice using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Are you planning a smart new kitchen?

German Kitchen Store provides high-quality German kitchens at trade prices with an easy online ordering system.

The beauty of our ordering system is its simplicity. Choose the range and door style/colour – the process is easy. Carcases, accessories and appliance package options are clearly displayed, allowing you to build a kitchen that’s designed to your specifications.

Our customer service team are on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have regarding your order and delivery.

Call us on 01525 851 642 or email hello@germankitchenstore.co.uk

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