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Neff kitchen appliances

The Latest Built-In Kitchen Appliance Technology

At the German Kitchen Store, we work with leading brand kitchen appliance partners to bring you the latest built-in technology.

Not only can we offer the most up to date models on the market, we also often achieve much better prices for you than if you were to buy direct.

BLANCO – The latest in tap technology

BLANCO is a leading supplier of sinks, taps and waste management systems designed to make your life easier.

Germany’s largest sink manufacturer, BLANCO designs high-quality bowls to match innovative taps. You can choose from easy-to-install inset sinks or granite sinks made of Silgranit. BLANCO kitchen mixer taps make the perfect match for the bowls with single-lever mixers or two-handle mixer taps.

And if you’re struggling to separate your recycling, BLANO makes it easy with a range of hidden kitchen waste bins for varying requirements. You can separate paper, plastic, food and glass and keep them all cleverly hidden out of sight.

NEFF – Seamless Slide and Hide ovens

NEFF’s high-quality, high-performance appliances complement our German kitchens perfectly.

Their Slide & Hide collection features a disappearing door that slides and hides smoothly under the oven cavity. Tasting, basting, and monitoring food is easy as you get closer to your oven.

Find out more here.

Bora – Modern hobs for modern kitchens

Bora uses the latest technology to design hobs that deliver a unique cooking experience.

Bora state-of-the-art hobs draw off cooking vapours without the need for a hood. If you want efficient vapour extraction and a sleek design, their innovative hobs offer the perfect solution.

Bosch – A complete range of built-in appliances

Every appliance you could want for dishwashing, doing laundry, refrigerating, preparing food – and even making coffee. Bosch has an extensive range of built-in and freestanding appliances.

Bosch washers and dryers offer the lowest possible power and water consumption, along with the convenience of fast wash cycles and pre-set timers.

Their time-saving dishwashers dry your dishes as well as washing them. The unique PerfectDry feature uses natural Zeolith® minerals to remove humidity from inside the dishwasher, leaving you with cupboard-ready dishes.

Bosch ovens give a powerful performance while their energy-efficient fridges and freezers include ingenious dividers so you can organise your fridge to suit your life.

Quooker – Taps that do it all

Quooker revolutionised the kitchen with the first boiling-water tap. And now they offer innovations such as the all-in-one taps, Fusion and Flex, and a series of black boiling-water taps.

Quooker Flex provides cold, hot and boiling water from one tap, with a flexible pull-out hose for extra reach in the sink. Quooker Fusion offers cold, hot and boiling water from one tap and chilled sparkling water when you combine it with a CUBE.

The Nordic is an all-in-one mixer tap and Quooker tap in the same design.

Siemens – Redefine your cooking experience

Siemens uses the latest technology to make day-to-day activities more convenient. Their range of ovens, dishwashers, fridges and washers and dryers have a host of innovative built-in features.

For example, the HyperFresh premium feature keeps food fresh up to three times longer. Ovens include an induction air system that combines a powerful ventilation unit and a flexible hob in one.

You can connect all these appliances with Siemens Smart Home Appliances with Home Connect. You can check the contents of the fridge while you’re out shopping or send a recipe straight to your oven.

AEG – Intelligent technology and responsive design

AEG kitchen appliances guarantee exceptional performance and results every time.

The Mastery range from AEG helps you take cooking to the next level. You can tell your oven how you want your dish cooked while the hob has an intelligent wireless food probe.

Smart CustomFlex® modular storage system allows you to customise your fridge with drawers and trays that can be easily rearranged to give you optimal space.

Transform your kitchen with the latest built-in technology features

German Kitchen Store provides high-quality German kitchens and built-in kitchen appliances at trade prices with an easy online ordering system.

The beauty of our ordering system is its simplicity. Choose the range and door style/colour – the process is easy. Carcases, accessories and appliance package options are clearly displayed, allowing you to build a kitchen that’s designed to your specifications.

Our customer service team are on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have regarding your order and delivery.

Call us on 01525 851 642 or email hello@germankitchenstore.co.uk

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