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christmas kitchen decor ideas

Dress your kitchen to impress

Adding a few finishing touches with soft furnishings or accent pieces can really bring your kitchen to life.

Christmas is the perfect time to dress your kitchen to impress – but our ideas will bring character and personality to your kitchen all year round.

Warm fairy lights, lanterns and candles

Fairly lights, tealights, table centrepieces and lanterns can bring a festive feel to your kitchen. But rather than storing them away for the rest of the year, you can adapt them for seasonal use.

Strings of warm white lights are versatile as they can be moved around to highlight a particular area of the room. At Christmas, you can drape them across decorated windowsills so twinkling light shines out on dark nights. In summer, they can be draped over door frames or even large potted plants to add a cool bright feel.

A simple handheld lantern is also generic enough to be used at different times of the year. In winter, you can fill it with warm, spice-scented candles for that nostalgic Christmas aroma. In summer, it can be placed by the window with a citronella candle to keep insects from flying into the kitchen.

Fragranced tealights on tables and open shelves not only look pretty, they’re also a good way to replace cooking smells with a pleasant fragrance.

Cosy rugs and cushions

If your kitchen floor is functional but unattractive you can liven it up with a rug – just make sure it’s a non-slip one. A hardwearing jute rug will hide a multitude of sins and is ideal for under kitchen tables or to give extra protection to areas of high wear and tear.

Cushions on kitchen chairs are another way to make your kitchen more comfortable and to inject a splash of colour. Rugs and cushions are great for introducing accent colours into your kitchen design – and they can be further enhanced with coordinating paintings or prints on the walls. Any window dressings can also form part of your colour scheme.

Fun retro drinks trolley

Christmas is party time. But a retro drinks trolley is a fun feature to have in your kitchen at any time.

A two-tier trolley can be filled with glasses on the top level and bottles of drinks on the lower level. That way, you can bring a choice of drinks to wherever your guests are sitting.

The trolley can be stocked with seasonal drinks and then pushed into the corner until your guests arrive. It’s perfect for serving Christmas favourites including mulled wine, or fruit punches in the summer months.

The trolley can be decorated with tinsel for Christmas and with themed decorations at other times of the year, such as Easter, summer events and Halloween parties.

Hang it on a peg or hook

Butcher’s hooks are great for providing easy-to-access storage for pots, pans, and other kitchen paraphernalia. Suspending useful kitchen items above your worktops keeps your working space clear – and frees up cupboard storage space.

As well as being a practical feature, hooks and pegs also make a decorative feature. They can be used to hang stylish kitchen utensils such as a set of serving spoons. Or they can be purely ornamental and hung with strings of bouquet garni or other fragranced sachets.

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