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3 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Your New Kitchen

Your new kitchen should do more than just give you a fresh new look – it should change the way you live.

The latest technologies have resulted in kitchen appliances that offer amazing new convenient features and innovative ideas.

BORA reinvents the hob

BORA has over 20 years’ experience in the kitchen sector, and their state-of-the-art hobs will transform the way you cook.

BORA glass ceramic induction hobs have flat round coils that create an electromagnetic field when the cooktop is switched on. The electromagnetic field generates heat on the base of pots and pans made with a magnetic material such as stainless steel, cast iron or enamelled iron.

Because heat on an induction hob is concentrated at the base of the cookware, the temperature of the surrounding area stays much lower. This makes an induction hob a safe way to cook.

And as the heat-up time is short and accurate, it’s also an energy efficient and fast way to cook.

BORA has also devised an innovative system of extraction that draws off cooking vapours from below while cooking takes place. This gives you efficient vapour extraction without the need for an overhead hood, saving valuable kitchen space.

Everything on tap with Quooker

The Quooker was the first boiling-water tap in the world, offering ultimate convenience. Now you can choose from all-in-one taps such as Quooker Fusion and Quooker Flex.

A Quooker consists of a single kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. The 3-in-1 tap gives you hot, cold and boiling water, and with the Flex, you can have an extendable pull-out hose.

Add a Quooker CUBE, and you’ll also enjoy filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap.

Quooker not only changes the way you prepare drinks, it speeds up food preparation time. When you need to blanch vegetables, you have boiling water on tap.

Available in different finishes, you can choose the tap that best suits your overall kitchen design.

The perfect glass of wine from Kaelo

Kaelo is an open bottle host that can be integrated into your tabletop or countertop. It keeps drinks chilled so that every sip is at the perfect temperature. All you need to do is take a bottle of wine, beer, juice or water from the fridge and place it into the chamber.

A singular piece of stainless-steel forms the Kaelo crown, and this is available in four premium colours. Choose from black, gun metal, copper or brass and select either a mirror-polished or brushed finish.

The cold-dry system ensures the bottle stays completely dry, so there is no ice, no wet patches, and no drips. Ready to use within seconds, this integrated bottle server turns on and off with a single touch.

With Kaelo, there’s nothing to prepare, refill or clean up. Simply place the bottle in the chamber to keep it within a degree of two of its original temperature.

You can use your Kaelo holder in the morning for milk or orange juice, during the day for chilled water and in the evening when you’re enjoying a relaxing glass of wine with friends.

Change the way you live with an innovative new kitchen

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