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Online Kitchen Planner

Kitchen Planning Made Easy with the Online Kitchen Planner

At German Kitchen Store, we want to help make the planning and purchase of your dream kitchen as easy and stress-free as is possible.
Whether you are looking to give your existing kitchen a low-budget makeover by just replacing the units, doors and counter tops, or you are looking to completely transform it into a new kitchen that is to become a more practical and social space, you may need some ideas and inspiration to help you create a kitchen that ticks all the boxes.

Start planning your kitchen with the Online Kitchen Planner

The Online Kitchen Planner is an amazing interactive kitchen design tool that you can use without leaving the comfort of your own home.

It is easy to use and a great way to get started with planning your new kitchen and turning your vision into reality.

Once you have worked through each planning stage, the tool will generate a stunning 3D visualisation of your new kitchen (not available on mobile devices). The visualisation is also available in 2D (on all devices) and can be saved, printed or emailed.

You can also email German Kitchen Store directly from the platform allowing us to have all the information we need to provide an accurate quotation for the complete kitchen project.

Providing Room Shape and Measurements

The Online Kitchen Planner takes you through a step-by-step guide where you can gather inspiration from the pre-designed rooms or create your own customised kitchen design, starting with the floor plan, and adding in all the desired components.

The mobile version is slightly different to the desktop version, and can’t generate a 3D visualisation, so we do recommend creating your kitchen project on a desktop computer if you can.

Totally Customised or Pre-Designed Inspiration?

The first question the tool will ask is whether you want to create a customised design or start with a suggestion of kitchen designs by Nobilia, with or without handles. This choice will pre-determine the next steps that the tool will take you through.

Create a Customised Design from scratch

If you want to create a customised design, you will first be given the option to choose your room shape from a variety of options on screen.

Once you have the approximate shape, you can customise the wall lengths and corner angles to the exact measurements of your kitchen space. You can then add in doors and windows and can move them into the exact position using the interactive functionality.

This will generate a 3D visualisation of your kitchen and we recommend at this point that you save the project to avoid losing the data you have input to date.

The next stage is to go through all the different components to personalise your kitchen. This will include choosing floor covering, paint colour, carcasse colour, door style, handle styles, countertop finish, plinth colour, electrical appliances, kitchen furniture and other accessories.
As you add in these components you will see your kitchen taking shape. You can easily move things around and change your selection as you go to ensure it is exactly right. The finished result is a stunning 3D visualisation of your new dream kitchen, which you can save, print and email directly from the tool.

Pre-designed Nobilia Inspiration

If you selected to be inspired with the Nobilia range of kitchen designs, rather than designing from scratch, you will be given the option to choose your kitchen style and select the door range you like that is available in that style.

You will then be taken through a whole host of options where you can personalise the design to suit your requirements as well as adding in wall lengths, doors and windows to create a realistic visual of how the kitchen will look in your own home.

FREE Kitchen Design Service during lockdown

We really hope you enjoy using the Online Kitchen Planner tool, but if you feel you need further support and expert guidance, we are currently offering a FREE Kitchen Design Service during lockdown, a saving of £120.00!

To take advantage of this offer, please download the Kitchen Design Pack and provide the required information and we will get to work on creating your dream kitchen.

For enquiries, please do use our online chat widget or call us on 01525 851642 or email hello@germankitchenstore.co.uk

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