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Galley Kitchen design

Kitchen Design Inspiration for a Galley Kitchen

Narrow kitchens are called galley kitchens because they resemble the galley of a boat.

Defined by their shape, galley kitchens offer limited space, which is why design and layout are so important.

Traditional galley kitchens

A traditional galley kitchen usually has a row of cabinets on the two longer walls and a walkway in between. Often this is the most practical layout as you can utilise the length of the kitchen and access all the cabinets from the narrow walkway.

However, you could diversify from this, as long as you keep all your essential work zones in easy reach.

Ideas for galley kitchens

Make a rough sketch of the space you have available to you and then look at design options.

The traditional galley design is of cabinets on either side, positioned symmetrically so that the longs walls mirror each other. The benefit of this is that the kitchen is perfectly balanced and easy to navigate.

But you could decide to have taller cabinets on one wall and worksurfaces along the other wall. This creates a more open feel to the kitchen. The tall cabinets will provide extra storage space, and you may want tall cabinets on both walls. However, you should avoid making the narrow kitchen feel closed in.

An alternative to having all of your wall cabinets extending right up to the ceiling is to include an area of open shelving. This gives you storage space without the feeling of being overcrowded by cabinets.

When you decide on the placement of your cabinets, make sure doors can be opened and you can still move about easily.

Can a galley kitchen also be a diner?

It can be difficult to turn a galley kitchen into a diner, but it is possible.

One option is to fit a breakfast bar against one wall. Rather than having cabinets underneath as you would a worktop, you can leave it open so that stools can be stored underneath when they’re not in use.

Where to install appliances

As with any kitchen, you need to consider the triangle of hob, sink and fridge. How can you best access each of these?

You don’t want to make work for yourself by having to move too far between these three most used areas. It may be worth having them on the same side of the kitchen to avoid having to cross back and forth.

However, there may be other appliances that are heavily used, depending on your lifestyle. Therefore, consider the typical usage of your kitchen and decide what appliances e.g., dishwasher, washing machine, etc. you want to prioritise in terms of access.

Lighting for galley kitchens

In a long and narrow kitchen, your lighting scheme should make the kitchen feel roomier. The best way to achieve this is to let in as much natural light as possible.

As well as natural light, you can introduce layers of light. In addition to overhead lights, fit undercabinet and shelf lights and even free-standing lamps, if you have the space. Undershelf spotlights are ideal for highlighting particular work areas.

Would you like inspiration for your galley kitchen?

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