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Kitchen Trends 2022

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2022

In 2022, the emphasis in kitchen design is on cleanliness, practicality and organisation.

After the last couple of years, we’ve all been made more conscious of the need to stop germs from spreading. We’ve also had to face upheaval and react to sudden change.

This has resulted in a desire for organisation in our lives, which is reflected in the latest kitchen trends, where smart storage solutions have never been more popular.

Oversized kitchen cabinets

In 2022, cabinets are going right to the top. With their tall dimensions, full-height cabinets make the most of vertical space.

Extra-large kitchen cabinets have a higher carcasse that offers 10% more storage space than a standard height cupboard. Couple this with 14cm tall drawers, and you benefit from the flexibility to store oversized utensils such as wooden mallets and rolling pins that can otherwise struggle to find a home.

Tall cabinets and high drawers are perfect for storing all those kitchen gadgets you don’t use every day, such as blenders and air fryers. By hiding them away, you gain valuable room on your worktops.

And not only do you benefit from additional storage, the floor-to-ceiling look also makes a style statement, giving a streamlined structure to your kitchen design.

Sleek handleless kitchens

Handleless kitchens have been trending for a few years now, and because of their clean lines, they’re set to be a prominent feature of 2022 kitchen design.

In keeping with the desire for hygienic, practical surfaces, handleless cabinets are sought-after for their sleek minimalist finish. Cabinet doors can be kept clean with the wipe of a cloth as there are no protruding handles where dirt can accumulate in crevices.

Handleless doors and drawers are also a safe option as nothing sticks out for you to bump into. Instead, hidden grooves provide easy-to-open access.

The result is a smooth, uninterrupted flow to your kitchen that allows you to move around freely.

Practical, hygienic worktops

The trend in worktops is industrial chic. We want our work surfaces to look like they mean business.

Textured matt in concrete and stone designs offer an understated style that can blend with any style of cabinet. Whether it’s concrete, granite or marble, we want worktops that can be kept hygienically clean and withstand heavy-duty activity.

Quartz worktops are always popular as they’re hardwearing and resistant to scratches, stains and heat damage. A wipe over with warm soapy water is all that’s needed to keep them clean.

Granite is the ultimate hard natural material with a high gloss finish that makes a statement. It’s as practical as it is stylish because its durable surface is heat, stain and scratch-resistant.

Another highly functional option is Corian, which is made from a blend of acrylic resins, minerals and colourings. It forms a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to any design or dimension and thermoformed into curves to form one-piece moulded sinks and splashbacks or islands.

Solid timber contains natural anti-bacterial properties and has a high oil content, which means it’s water-resistant, so can be used around sinks. All these features make solid timber an ideal food preparation surface.

Smart storage solutions

We all long for more organised lives and strive for tidy, planned kitchens. That’s why smart storage solutions play a big part in the 2022 trend for organisation.

Pull-out racks and rotational shelves are great innovations that give you easy access to every item in your cabinets without having to take everything out to reach something stored at the back.

Meanwhile, specially designed corner cabinets use a non-standard configuration to avoid obstructions by perpendicular doors. Internal shelving systems, including custom-shaped shelves and drawers, enable you to make use of awkward spaces and still have items in easy reach.

Built-in waste bins and recycling drawers are going to be a big feature of 2022. The beauty of these customisable storage solutions is that you can fully recycle all your household waste but avoid multiple recycling bins cluttering up the kitchen.

Discover the latest trends in kitchen design for 2022

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