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Choose the right colour accent for your kitchen

While deciding on the right style and finish of your kitchen cabinets and countertops may be your priority, you can also have fun with choosing colour accents.

The colour accents you use in your décor will bring even more of your personality into your kitchen design.

Harmonise your shades

The shade of cabinets, countertops, splashbacks and flooring all need to be taken into consideration when choosing colour accents.

Cabinets are often the most eye-catching element of the kitchen, so you may want to use them as the starting point. Alternatively, you may have a focal piece such as a central island, dining table or other feature that you want to draw attention to.

However, it’s cabinets that take up the most wall space, and therefore you’ll want your colour accent to blend in with the tone of their exteriors. Warm shades work well with country style and wood-toned cabinets. High gloss and white cabinets lend themselves to cooler shades on the colour palette.

Countertops are another significant surface area of the kitchen. Rather than making them a standout feature, choose a neutral tone that can be accentuated with coloured walls and splashbacks.

Be creative with colour

The colours you favour for your kitchen probably reflect the way you use the room. Bright splashes of colour for busy, hectic kitchens and softer, more calming shades for relaxing kitchen/diners.

Red is a bold, statement colour that stands out as an accent. It can be used on splashbacks and on walls to bring vibrancy to a kitchen that has otherwise muted shades.

Blues cover the full range of atmospheres. Turquoise is a popular accent colour that looks clean and fresh and works well in an otherwise white environment. Softer, sky blues reflect nature and blend in harmoniously with country kitchens and wood-effect cabinets.

Greens are highly popular as you can have vibrant, lush greens or more earthy natural pale green tones. Green is highly versatile and can be incorporated into pretty much any kitchen design.

Gold accents bring sparkle and luxury to a glossy kitchen and can form part of a gold theme that incorporates crockery, hardware, and accessories.

Natural or artificial light

If you’re undecided about which colour accent you’d like, take a look at how much natural light comes into your kitchen.

Bright shades of red or blue can look over-the-top in the full glare of natural sunlight. But they can bring vibrancy to a kitchen in the evening when the lights are on.

Soft, natural shades of green, blues and browns are brought to life by natural sunlight but can look underwhelming in artificial light.

Make a note of how much natural light comes into your kitchen and at what times. Does the sun flood in during the morning, or does it reach the kitchen towards the end of the day? This will help you decide on the most effective colour accent for your kitchen.

Would you like a stylish but affordable new kitchen?

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