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Festive kitchen

Bring A Festive Feel to The Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is always the heart of the home, and this is never truer than during the festive season.

As you and your family will probably be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen over Christmas, why not have some fun and bring a seasonal feel to the room.

Choose your colour scheme

The kitchen is already a busy place, so there’s no need to go overboard with decorations as these can be hazardous. A few well-chosen ornaments in a consistent colour scheme is all that’s required.

Your colours should harmonise with the style of your kitchen. You may choose a traditional combination of red, gold and green for country and cottage kitchens. Or sparkly whites, silvers and blues for contemporary designs.

Coordinate your decorations

If you have a dining table in the kitchen, this should be your starting point. Decide on the centrepiece feature of the table and then build on that theme. Floral arrangements with dried leaves, fruits and spices are always popular.

Alternatively, you may want to have a light or candle feature as the focal point and complement this with metallic, reflective decorations.

Once you’ve dressed the table, try adding a few bows to the backs of chairs or attach small pine wreaths by entwining ribbon through the wreath and tying it to the top of the back of the chair.

Introduce some fun lights

Strings of fairy lights are a flexible and fun way to bring some extra sparkle to the kitchen.
They bring life to the room without being too intrusive. Remember, you need to move safely around the kitchen, so think carefully about where you place any ornaments.

Strings of lights work well tacked around a door frame, or along an open shelf. Or you can use them to frame a window and introduce a few window stickers or snow spray to enhance the effect. Snow-covered pine leaves and pinecones can be placed on the windowsill.

Fill the room with fragrance

One of the most nostalgic elements of Christmas is traditional scents. A large bowl of festive potpourri can form part of the decorations. Filled with slices of dried orange, pinecones and sticks of cinnamon, it will fill your kitchen with the scent of Christmas.

Or you could buy a large spice-scented candle that can form part of the table decoration or small scented tealights to dot around the room.

Add some tasty edible ornaments

If you have children, they’ll love helping make some pretty festive treats that can be on display in the kitchen.

Gingerbread shapes such as stars and snowmen are always popular, and they can be finished off with some edible glitter. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could construct a gingerbread house and decorate it – and if you’ve gone to all that effort, make sure it’s prominently displayed as a table centrepiece.

If you prefer something a little simpler, mint creams are an easy-to-make treat. The mix simply needs to be rolled out and cut into small festive shapes.

Bring colour with festive plants

Poinsettia, cyclamen, and miniature pine plants won’t take up much space and will bring a touch of the outdoors into the kitchen.

You can incorporate them into your scheme by decorating the pot in your chosen festive colours.

Would you like a stylish new kitchen this Christmas?

To find out more, contact the German Kitchen Store. Our customer service team is on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have regarding your order and delivery.

Alternatively, if you’re local to our kitchen showroom in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, you can pop in and take a look at the kitchen ranges we have on display.

Call us on 01525 851 642 or email hello@germankitchenstore.co.uk

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